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Ebbs and flows of oil prices continued to oscillate throughout 2018 at a greater rate than before. And yes, we had predicted it. TOM THERRAMUS | 2019/02/18 Consider some recent headlines: “World Bank Warns Of Extreme Volatility In Oil Markets”, “International Energy Agency Head: Oil markets are entering an era of unprecedented volatility” and “Oil […]

The Libyan conflict continues unabated eight years after Gaddafi’s ouster. We look at the cause, major players and the reasons behind the ongoing humanitarian crisis. STEVE AUSTIN | 2019/06/10 Not long ago, we heard of Libya’s long drawn path to freedom. Remember Gaddafi and the civilian uprising in the country? The Arab spring, as it […]

Oil giant Saudi Aramco’s IPO had been in the offing for quite some time. What did cause the delay? We take a detailed look. STEVE AUSTIN | 2019/12/18 Whatever it is, you wouldn’t want to be the oil minister of Saudi Arabia. Forget the exciting remuneration, you’ll have to have thick skin, extraordinarily embittered at […]